Scope of coaching for preparing the competitive SSC-JE exams

Here is the one of the most huge question that arises in every student's mind before preparing for SSC-JE exams or any other competitive exam that to decide whether go for coaching institutes for preparation of SSC-JE exam or self-study.So,this article will solve the confusion of many students who are confused in choosing the right path towards success.

Importance of coaching institutes in preparing SSC-JE exam:

-> Skilled Faculties.
-> Increases performance.
-> Provides intensive preparation study material.
-> Covers whole syllabus.
-> Regular doubts clarification.
-> Great training methodology.
-> Recall of Topics.
-> Group discussion for answers.
-> Boosting confidence level.
-> Provides Important questions.
-> Suggest about on which questions you have to the spend how much time.
-> Unique tricks for solving questions.
-> Provides previous year questions with their correct keys.
-> Suggests Good Books.
-> Tells about how to start your study.
-> Helps in making Proper Study Routines.

Key features of institutes for preparation of SSC-JE exam:

-> Covers the cost of course.
-> Experienced faculties.
-> Trains for various placement opportunities.

Benefits of institutes for preparation of SSC-JE exam:

-> Satisfaction.
-> Become more self reliant.

Why studying for the preparation of SSC-JE exam in coaching is better than self-study?

-> No more group discussions.
-> No Doubts clarification session.
-> Confused whether the answers are correct.
-> No proper guidance.
-> No time management.

Are you looking for the best coaching institute for SSC-JE exam preparation?

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Tips to prepare for GATE exam

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an exam that includes the subjects of engineering. The Gate score of a candidate reflects the relative performance level of a candidate.
Future Secure Institute providing you with the Toppers strategy to prepare the GATE exam and a path to crack it.

Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.

Points to keep in mind to crack GATE exam are as follows:

1. Know all information about the GATE exam.
The GATE exam is an online examination which is of three hours, consisting 65 questions of 100 marks(Out of which 35 questions are of 2 marks and 30 questions are of 1 marks. The questions paper is of both Multiple choice questions and numerical answer type questions.
2. Know the syllabus and weightage of each subject.
Go through the whole complete syllabus of your subject of GATE exam and the topics consisting of heavy weightage in previous year prepares and target your preparation to carry more marks in GATE exam.
3. Select good study material for GATE preparation.
Selection of good stuff to study is very important. You can also prepare from the books you have followed during undergraduate course.
Nowadays, the whole package is available online to study.
4. Smart tips to keep in mind during preparation.
Practice of questions from previous year question paper.
Most of the questions in GATE are conceptual and numerical, so you must try to improve your solving ability to score good rank in GATE exam.
5. Plan your GATE exam preparation.
Your plan should include syllabus completion, revision and practice tests
More than one year preparation plan will be a good idea to crack the GATE exam.
6. Prepare the study plan to complete the GATE exam syllabus.
Start the preparation with an easy subject and important one. Divide the subject into smaller topics. It’s better to clear all doubts during your preparation.
7. GATE exam revision plan.
Revision from study material regularly is very necessary. Read the revision notes on a weekly basis to recall the concepts of prepared subjects.
Everytime you revise the same topic your revision time will reduce to recall the concepts.
8. Online practice tests.
There are two ways to practice for GATE exam: One is to self-practice on daily basis and other best way is to attempt online practice test series. It will help you to improve your performance.
9. Revision and practice at last stage.
Last 30 days should be allocated to revision and practice online.
Identify the weaker topics in each subject. Your confidence will be increased during practice.
10. Last minute strategy for GATE exam.
During last three days, there is no need to study new topics. Focus on revising the concepts.
Keep your mind relaxed, this will help you in recollecting things during exam hours.

Some tips to prepare for SSC-JE exams

1. Know the Pattern of SSC-JE:
This is the first step for preparing for SSC-JE exam.First thing to keep in mind is that you should know the SSC-JE exam pattern.Exam Pattern includes details about papers, subjects, total marks every topic carry and total time limit of papers.Spending more time on topics that carry more weightage is obviously better. To know the exam pattern in detail, their subjects, total marks and time limit click Exam Pattern.
2. Know the syllabus of SSC-JE
Knowing the syllabus for preparing for SSC-JE exams is very much important as it is the subjects in a course of study.Syllabus contains the topics that are going to come on exam.Here is the syllabus for preparation of SSC-JE exams for all branches like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, just check it out:
Electrical Enginnering syllabus
Mechanical Enginnering syllabus
Civil Enginnering syllabus
3. Allocate Time Wisely:
SSC-JE exam paper includes two papers i.e. Paper-I and Paper-II. Paper-I is Objective type and Paper-II is Descriptive type.Paper-I exam includes General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness consists 200 questions which you have to complete in 2 hours.Paper-II contains the techincal subject of yours.Therefore, try to finish the non-technical part in 60 minutes & devote rest of the time to your Technical core subject.
4.Strategy to Improve Marks by taking SSC JE Online test series:
When you are preparing for SSC-JE on online test series, your goal is then to optimize time according to the difficulty level and complexity of questions. A Proper analysis of any mock test requires you to figure out the time that you spend on each question. After you finish the online test or practice test, carry out a detailed analysis of your performance. Jot down the questions which you attempt wrong, skip and find time consuming. Label the ques that you skip as ‘very difficult’, the ones that you attempt wrong as, ‘tricky’ and the ones that take a good chunk of your time as ‘difficult’. Now, the questions that you solve correctly can be categorised as ‘easy’. You just need to practice these questions regularly to improve on them. The ‘difficult’, ‘very difficult’ and ‘easy’ questions need more of your attention.
5.The ‘One Mistake’ that Stops you From Improving:
When you solve a practice test for the preparation of SSC-JE exam, analysing the solutions question-wise and moving on to solve another test teaches you how to solve 1 tricky question. You need to learn how to solve all types of questions. Therefore, start with the problems that you find time consuming. Now pick the difficult questions and take a careful look at the solutions. Then, solve at least 10-15 questions of that type before you move on to another difficult question. Once you have all the ‘difficult’ questions covered, move on to solve and practice ‘very difficult’ questions in the same way.

Tips to crack ssc-je

Making the right preparation for SCC Junior Engineer Exam is more important any other action related to the exam.
It is this factor that decides your performance in the exam. Therefore, it becomes essential for every candidate to structure his preparation before appearing in the exam. Here are few preparation tips which will help the candidates to boost their overall performance.
#Tip 1- Complete the syllabus for reasoning The syllabus for reasoning is extremely easy. This basic level syllabus will allow you to score heavily at the beginning. Thus, giving you adequate confidence. Problem are mainly related to seating and arrangements, syllogisms, visual puzzle, sequencing, etc. A little preparation can help you score almost 30-35 marks within the first 20 minutes of the exam.
#Tip 2- General Awareness is tricky, be specific There is one good thing about general awareness section- time saving. When you look at a question and its give options, you straight away realize that you either know an answer or not. You need not waste time over it by trying to solve it. If you know an answer, then select the right option, else move on to the next question.
#Tip 3- Brush up your Engineering Preparations There is one big dedicated section to engineering related questions. You are only required to brush up everything that you know. A good 100 marks is on offer in the first level. Try scoring at least 60-70 in one hour. This will give you an edge over other candidates. #Tip 4- No guessing games One amateur habit that you need to overcome is playing the guessing game. You should be well aware of the fact that all competitive exam carry a negative marking of 0.25 on every wrong answer. Hence, do not waste your hard earned marks by playing mindless games. You should only play it when you are about 90% sure of the answer.
#Tip 5- Devote time to every section You studying habits should include touching every section on a daily basis. Since, objective type paper will test you on all subjects within a time frame of 2 hours, your brain should be ready to work on all the subjects, one after the other.
#Tip 6- Study in time slots The best way to prepare of any competitive exam is to study in time slots. This makes concentration last for a longer period of time. For an instance, if you time slot of studying is 150 minutes or say 2 hours and 30 minutes, then it would become easier for you in the exam to continue focusing on the paper. On the other hand, if you time slot is 1 hour and 30 minutes or less, you find it difficult to concentrate towards the end of the exam. This can have a devastating impact on your result and career.
Following these preparation tips will definitely help you gain an upper hand from the rest of the candidates. The logic behind success in exam is a smart mind, rather than a bookworm.
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